Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is the Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?
Rebello's wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation allows you to be reborn as virgin.
Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is a surgery to tighten the vagina and pelvis relaxed by frequent intercourses and childbirth for unmarried woman.
Relaxed vagina due to intercourses before marriage
Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is recommended for following cases
If a young lady has plans for marriage.
If vagina has been enlarged due to frequent intercourses for several years.
If one got an abortion before marriage.
If one is concerned about sexual relations with ex-boyfriends, despite having plans for a relationship with a new boyfriend.
If one has not satisfied with ex-boyfriend due to relaxed vagina during intercourse.
If one gave birth losing time for an artificial abortion before marriage.
If vagina has to be tightened by surgery without leaving any marks.
If one considers the hymen reconstruction surgery before marriage.
If one cannot gain psychological and anatomical confidence with hymen reconstruction surgery due to severe relaxed condition.
If there is a plan for remarriage without pregnancy experience.
Surgery of Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
Advantages and Effects of Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
It is a delicate procedure using laser not incising the perineal region.
Surgery is simple and inexpensive unlike Orgasmic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.
Vaginal shape and elasticity is restored without leaving surgical marks.
Recovers one’s confidence for intercourse.
Increases sexual sensation for both women and men.
It is effective on the therapy of psychological factor.
Surgery of Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
Characteristics of Wedding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
Object If one has relaxed vagina due to the previous intercourses before marriage.
Effect Completely tightens the relaxed vagina anatomically only through the vaginal entrance, without incision of the perineal region or leaving any marks.
Scar Leaves no external mark after surgery.
Method Cannot be performed with general surgical methods, and requires a lot of surgery experience and special know-how.
What made our medical team to be selected
as one of 100 world medical experts?
Selected one among 100 World Medical Expert of
the Cambridge Int'l Biographical Center from UK IBC.
Way to Vaginoplasty of
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
that you must verify
Rebello performs a surgery as follow.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic

performs a surgery without damage of
vaginal mucous membrane.

Elaborate Vaginoplasty using 'miracle light' laser!
Surgery Method without scar of vaginal mucous membrane!

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic inosculates the ligament of pelvic muscle around vagina(Orgasmic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, OLR), and then dissevers vaginal mucous membrane and Complete it by laser(Magic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, MLR) to not leave a scar on vaginal mucous membrane after surgery. If the vaginal wall is sewed up with thick and black thread, nerves of vaginal mucous membrane are damaged and get a severe scarring, hence sexual pleasure and secretion of lovejuice are decreased. It is no different from damage getting during episiontomy for childbirth. Surgery method using 'miracle light' laser for Elaborate Vaginoplasty without scar on vaginal mucous membrane not common surgery that incise and sew up, is advanced technology on the basis of many clinical demonstrations in USA and Germany.

Laser Vaginoplasty of

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
performs it from the end of inside vagina.

Elaborate Surgery by our medical team who designated as
E-LVR procedures from Germany in 2003!

Orgasmic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation performing by Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic begins to 'pelvic fascia approximation' around vagina to realign the relaxed vagina.The incidence rate of Rectum perforation is 0%, because surgery is safely performed with inserted 'Protection Guide' through anus to realign the relaxed vagina on the end of inside vagina adjoined uterine cervical. Elabocate surgery of our medical team who designated as E-LVR from Germany in 2003, has no any side effect over ten years.If someone wants to only the existing common vaginal surgery, she may cannot understand this advanced surgery method, because she has no cognition and experience for medical use of laser.

Laser Vaginoplasty of

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
makes womb back to the original location
after realign the vaginal structure.

First of all, take cervical position in the first step of surgery.
Generally cervical position and descensus uteri are observed, when vaginal was relaxed. It is because vaginal was relaxed while pelvic structures that prop womb were relaxed. Womb naturally return to own position, after performed the 'pelvic fascia approximation' tightly as vagina is covered with size of a finger. Especially the surgery method that takes cervical position in the first step of surgery to realign the end of vaginal inside closed to uterine cervix, is the basic technology of vaginoplasty which have been implementing for several decades.
Laser Vaginoplasty of

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic performs
the surgery through image diagnosis and
then checks the change of vaginal inside.

Safe Surgery verification with image diagnosis system!

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic introduced the image diagnosis system in 2003, so that verifies directly the condition of pudenda and vaginal inside before and after operation. Vagina size is reduced as be covered with a finger after Orgasmic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, and it is available to see the condition of vagina tighten from vaginal inside close to introitus of uterine cervix as well as the condition of compact recovered vaginal mucosal fold. Also it is able to see the realigned position of uterine cervix.

a book "Female Vulva Vaginoplast"
written by our medical team of
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
various cases of successful medical procedure over ten years are included in the textbook 'Female Vulva Vaginoplasty' with pictures, and 500 doctors are learning through academy.
Laser Vaginoplasty of

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic allows
the feeling of tighten vagina right after the operation.

A feeling of constriction in vagina right after the operation! Surgery returns the time.
It is able to feel the tighten vagina even in a recovery room right after the Laser Vaginal Figuration in Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic. Tighten vagina after delicate 'pelvic fascia approximation' by our medical team gives sensation just like potentiate strongly anus, so that it is the confidence that represents the successful operation. According to condition of vaginal relaxation, it is able to walk or daily life after three days with comfortable feeling.
Reference Advice of
Rebello Female Figuracion Clinic

You would better to check the operated
vaginal condition after recovery.

Please wait a week for your safety, even though you are anxious to the condition!
We check vaginal inside through the image diagnosis after a week, because tighten vagina right after 'pelvic fascia approximation' is able to check only through the vaginal endoscope.Medical attendant abstain the checkup of vaginal inside for a week after insert the sterilized gauze right after the operation.You would better to wait a week, even if you want to see vaginal inside right after the operation hearing the sewed vagina after general vaginal surgery.You can confidence in our surgery, because of it is examined by numbers of successful cases in the written textbook.
Laser Vaginoplasty of Rebello

allows long-lasting effect of vaginoplasty.

Forget the existing vaginal surgery that brought a severe pain and temporary
Effect of vaginal tightening is long lasting through perfect pelvic fascia

Existing vaginal surgery has the problem that vagina easily loses its elasticity within a year, even though it is tighten right after the operation, because of this method just strips vaginal mucous membrane away with scissors and then pulls and ties pelvic muscle. Will you still apply a strain to vagina during intercourse? If sew up the muscle, it brings an acute pain and short persistence effect, so that Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic do not sew up the pelvic muscle by force. For improvement of the radical pelvic structure, we performs the 'restoration of pelvic muscle' that induce pelvic muscle to take its' position by inosculating the ligament of pelvic muscle tightly. The 'restoration of pelvic muscle' that restores the pelvic muscle by pulling ligament close to a muscle not sews it directly. This operational method is the surgical know-how originated in long experience of our medical team who performed the bio-pelvic anatomy of 41 cadavers, and it angled for compliments through several academies and scientific lectures.

Laser Vaginoplasty of

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
disencumbers you from chronic vaginitis.

You can escape all the vaginitises such as bactvaginosis,
candida, trichomonas and atrophic vaginitises.
As womb restores its position and relaxed vagina is realigned after the cosmetic surgery on vagina, the condition of vaginal mucosal fold is restored. Moreover, tighten vaginal entrance prevents bacterial infection from underwear. Thus you can escape the chronic vaginitis with clear hygienic conditions of vaginal inside functionally after realigned the structures of pelvic, vagina and pudenda.
Laser Vaginoplasty of Rebello

implements the four steps of anaesthetizing
method for pain control.

Do you worry about vaginal surgery due to pain? Or anesthesia? Stop such anxieties!
Vaginoplasty of Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic has 'Multi-Block System' to safe anesthesia and pain control. Patient get to sleep maintaining own breath under light 'General Anesthesia' to loosen the tension before surgery on the first step, and she is applied the 'Block Anesthesia' to blocks a pudendal nerve that controls the whole of pelvic into the second step. Third step is vaginal submucous 'Tumescent Anesthesia' to shooting the laser safely, and then control pain through 'Intravenous Painless Anesthesia' for a couple of days on the fourth step. To feeling stiff in the anus after the Laser Vaginoplasty, symbols the successful operation, and it is symptom when 'pelvic fascia approximation' is performed with sucess. It is entirely different from pain that is occurred when incises the pelvic muscle and sews it.
The safety is

he top priority in all operations of
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic.

Rebello is a special hospital where have hospital facilities
and eight floors of building, and anesthesiologist is working together.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic performs the safe operations in a 'plastic surgery clinic' where has building for only gynecology regarding female figuration, anesthesiologist is working together and ambulances are prepared for 24 hours. It is quite different with general gynecology where is in prevalent store building. In the hospital having the accredited eight floors of building and facilities, four floors are for outpatient clinic, medical checking up, operation and hospitalization. We monitor the all operations in real time and try to maintain the asepsis operating room for 24 hours.
In Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic,

Professional nurse attends a patient for 24 hours.

Reliable patient care system through an exclusive
call system for patient safety!.
Professional nurse for operation helps recovery attendingly from a patient come in the operating room to complete her recovery. Patient does not need to agonize about bleeding even at night. We take a prompt measure for all situations such as pain, bleeding and swelling during recovery process through an 'exclusive call system for 24 hours'.

Stages of Vaginoplasty

History of Vaginoplasty

First Generation
Colporrhaphy incising the vaginal entrance and sewing up it

'Suture Surgery of Vaginal Entrance' incises the vaginal entrance loosen due to childbirth and aging with shape of diamond, and then pulls both sides and sews up them.

It was called as 'previous sew-up method' not a technical term, and it is classical method.

It is just primitive method that was performed to put fallen womb into vaginal inside and to suture the entrance of vagina, because of many women were suffered from separated womb due to fecundity in the past. It raised a problem of frequent chronic vaginitis, because of vaginal secretion stagnates in vagina with closed entrance, and had a disadvantage that patient avoided to sexual relations due to tighten and painful perineal region. Numbers of patients who was operated in this method get surgery again to realign the entrance of vagina and tighten vaginal inside simultaneously.

Second Generation
Colpoperineorrhaphy pulling and sewing up vaginal inside

'Suture Surgery of Vaginal Inside' is to incise the lower vaginal mucous membrane with diamond shape and sew up the both sides to tighten loosen vaginal inside with entrance.

Though it was the developed operation that tighten vaginal inside with entrance by sewing up as contasted with existing method that only pulled vaginal entrance, it was just prime operation to incising and suturing.

As a method that pulls and sews up it after exfoliates the vaginal mucous membrane and exposes the pelvic muscle, it could not solve the disadvantage to reducing lovejuice secretion, though contractile force to tighten penis due to severe transformation from scar of vaginal muscle and mucous membrane when stitch up the perinuem sewing with thick thread and large needle just as integrity and suture of it during childbirth. Duration of effect also was within a year, because of only tightening of vaginal muscle had no long maintenance. Some skilled hospitals emphasized the suture scope of vaginal inside that tighten the vaginal by pulling it from rear fornix vaginae in deep vaginal inside closed to uterine cervix,

Third Generation
Colpodesmorrhaphy of various ways

'Colpodesmorrhaphy' is to add the various ways to perform the vaginal tightening surgery that tightens vaginal inside and entrance as well as strengthens the vaginal contractile force.

As a method includes diverse advantages if the operation is performed normally, it is implementing for various multi-vaginoplasty.

Though there was an effort to strengthen and sustains the vaginal contractile force to cover the tightening of pelvic muscle through autologous fat injection, semi-permanent filler injection and silicon-ring(M-sling, curacle, magic-tab), patients had to visit the specialized center where operated vagina without insertion of foreign substance. As a method including diverse advantages, it is implementing with various multi-vaginoplasty.

Fourth Generation
'pelvic fascia approximation' restoring the vaginal contractile force

'pelvic fascia approximation' is to realign tightly the ligament of pelvic muscle covering vagina to strengthen and maintain the vaginal contractile force while understand of pelvic anatomy has being researched and surgical technique was developed.

As a surgery to realign the pelvic ligament shifting relaxed one to tighten position, it is advanced operation to tighten the pelvic ligament based on a wide knowledge for complex pelvic anatomy and vascularity.

Accordingly new various surgery methods are applied to operate the ligament without damage of vaginal mucous membrane and muscle. We perform the operation dissevering only the pelvic ligament in deep side of vagina through Block Anesthesia, Tumescent Anesthesia, Laser Mucosal Dissection, and Realign of pelvic muscle position. We developed the technology of vaginal contractile force or tenacity realigning the pelvic ligament tightly that is the strongest tissue excluding bone in the human body.

Fifth Generation
Laser Virginal Rejuvenation improving sexual sensation of vaginal mucous membrane

'Laser Virginal Rejuvenation' is to realign the vaginal mucosal fold and reproduce the nerves of G-spot to improve sexual sensation after tightened vagina by realigning.

After vaginal contractile force was restored tightly through 'pelvic fascia approximation', we perform the Reconstruction Surgery of Vaginal Mucous Membrane (Magic Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) using laser to reconstruct the peripheral nerves and vaginal mucous layer without any scar.

It must not leave a scar on vaginal mucous layer after operation to prevent the reduction of lovejuice secretion or sexual pain. We try to restore sexual sensation with efforts such as injection of autologous adult stem-cells(stem-cell vaginal rejuvenation) or injection of eight kinds of reproducing drugs(dress injection) such PRP. We also try to improve the continuous sexual sensation by 'Laser Tightening' that reconstruct collagen on vaginal submucous layer shooting the 360º Laser. You can prevent aging by laser, stem cells or sexual sensation injection, and improve the quality of sexual life through continuous anti-aging therapy to.

How long does it take to procedure of Laser Vaginoplasty and recovery?
Procedure Time
It does take to one hours depending on patient condition and multi-procedure.
Recovery Period after the procedure
Right after the procedure - It is able to normal activity after some rest.
After 1 days - It is able to simple shower.
After 6 weeks - It is able to use of swimming pool or sauna after primary recovery.
After 6 weeks - It is able to normal intercourse after recovered more beautiful body.
In cause of singular procedure, recovery period is same as above. It may be takes more times, if patient combines other procedure.
Precautions Before & After the Procedure

- Do not drinking and smoking for rapid recovery.
- Do not spray water into the perineal region.
- Avoid stimulation on part of procedure until date to visit hospital.
- Take cold pack on the part of procedure to reduce the swelling for three days from next day of surgery.
- Take a hip bath for rapid recovery after three days from surgery.
- Take a prescription drug on time.

Lifestyle being helpful for rapid recovery
Hip Bath (after three days from the surgery)
  • 01. Blend 5ml Gyno-Betadine with tepid water to immerse hip after shower.
  • 02. Take a hip bath for five to ten minutes and wash hip with clear water and then dry off.
  • 03. Reduce the time of hip bath in half and blend a half Gyno-Betadine with water, if your hip is stimulated.
Vaginal Cone Exercise

Rebello introduces the Vaginal Cone Exercise that is good for recovery of female pelvis and vaginal exercise. This is 'self pelvis massage exercise' that massages the vaginal wall and pelvis through insertion of vaginal cone which is made of hard silicon into vaginal inside and exercise to tighten vagina softly.

It is different with Kegel Exercise that applies a strain to empty vaginal inside in terms of exercise effect. It is principle to massage the vaginal wall and pelvis contacted to cone by beclasping the hard cone in vaginal inside while vagina is tightened with tightened anus.

It is very effective at reproducing the peripheral nerves of vaginal mucous layer and recovering wound after vaginoplasty, and vaginal tightening motility is improved from effect of pelvic massage. It also prevents progress of urinary incontinence, and is helpful for anti-aging of vagina and pelvis through elastic pelvic muscle by exercising continuous Vaginal Cone Exercise even in daily life. If you visit the Rebello, you will watch an amazing image of Vaginal Cone Exercise.

Kegel Excercise
  • 01. Sit down with your legs apart and hold urine during micturating. Though it is difficult at first, you can sense the pubis and coccygeal muscle through training. Just contact a PC muscle while you breathe in when hold urine.
  • 02. Urinate again while you breathe out.
  • 03. Repeat No. 1 and 2 several times until you finish to urinating.
  • 04. Try to PC muscular contraction training for 5 to 10 times, before you get out of bed since the early training.
  • 05. If you try to this training for 5 to 6 times a day during 6 to 8 weeks, vagina shape is changed and PC muscle is contracted so that you will have greater sexual sensation.
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