Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation

What is the Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation?
Rebello's Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation is freedom.
It is a surgery to insert permanent TOT-tape raising flabby and drooped urethra, and to realign the folds of vaginal mucous membrane and urethra.
Anatomical situ calibration of urethra by Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation
Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation is recommended for following cases.
If one desires treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginoplasty at the same time.
If one suffers from urinary incontinence during running or walking.
If one’s underwear gets wet due to coughing or sneezing.
If one suffers from symptoms of urinary incontinence.
If one does not experience satisfaction from intercourse due to urinary incontinence.
Permanent insertion of suburethral TOT mesh
Advantages and Effects of Anti-incontinence Laser Rejuvenation
It is able to combine ALR therapy with Vaginoplasty.
Semi-permanent effect through anatomical calibration.
Increases sexual sensation with the effect of anti-incontinence by reconstructing the basic structure of suburethral vagina.
Complete therapy of incontinence.
Recovers one's confidence during intercourse.
Increases sexual sensation.
Satisfies the psychological factors.
Safe surgery through TOT insertion.
It can be handled with insurance according to numerical value from urodynamic test.
What made our medical team to be selected
as one of 100 world medical experts?
Selected one among 100 World Medical Expert of
the Cambridge Int'l Biographical Center from UK IBC.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's
Incontinence Vaginoplasty
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic gives an excellent
effect of surgery by independent surgery method to raising flabby and drooped urethra.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Incontinence Vaginoplasty solves symptom of urinary incontinence with only one surgery.

Urinary incontinence is cured right after the surgery.

Urinary incontinence brings leaking urine and chronic symptoms, because it is began gradually according to the ageing process. Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's Incontinence Vaginoplasty solves symptom of incontinence right after the surgery, and improves diverse Voiding dysfunction through structural improvement of urethra and bladder, so that allows comfortable normal activity.

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Incontinence Vaginoplasty performs safely surgery without recurrence.

3 stages of surgery monitoring system that aged patient also do not concern.

Incontinence has relapse possibility during ageing process after incontinence surgery, because it is occurred by aging. Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic performs permanent surgery method without recurrence, and provides safe surgery through three stages of surgery monitoring system that aged patient also do not concern.

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Combines Incontinence Vaginoplasty with Bladder & Vaginal Ligament-synthesis.

No reoperation! Precious own body! Decide to an excellent Labioplasty Clinic.
Most Incontinence Vaginoplasties insert only TOT-tape to rising flabby and drooped urethra. Rebello Gynecology combines Incontinence Vaginoplasty with Bladder & Vaginal Ligament-synthesis to improve urination function raising flabby and drooped bladder, so that brings the best effect to holding flabby urethra and calibrating a function of bladder.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Incontinence Vaginoplasty improves sexual sensation through calibration of urethrovaginal mucous membrane and stem-cells.

If womb and vaginal mucous membrane are drooped, vaginal mucous membrane is transformed and sexual sensation is reduced. Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic realigns structural position of urethra and bladder, and transformed vaginal mucous membrane using laser without scar as well as combines upgraded Vaginal Rejuvenations such as 'Stem-Cell Vaginal Rejuvenation', ' Orgasmic Dress Injection', ' Laser Vaginal Tightening' and 'G-spot figuration' to improves sexual sensation.

Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Incontinence Vaginoplasty has know-how of incontinence clinic.

The Korean first-generation of Female Figuration Clinic
Incontinence Surgery of TOT-sling method with advanced know-how
TOT surgery method was announced throughout the world in the early 2000s, and then became the textbook standard surgery. As the Korean first generation of Female Rejuvenation Clinic, Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic plays a leading role, and performs incontinence vaginoplasty of TOT-sling method with advanced know-how. There is no any side effect that brings inconvenience of intercourse, urinating or exposed tape, and we manages healthy urination through pelvic exercise after surgery.
As a famous doctor

for incontinence treatment, Our medical team performs
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's Incontinence Vaginoplasty.

Our medical team who developed the patented incontinence treatment device for home use!
A delicate difference from experiences of doctor represents the effect of surgery. Our medical team are [Specialist of Incontinence] who developed 'patented incontinence treatment device for home use including pressure sensor' through research of pelvic anatomy and incontinence. It is able to confirm the delicate surgery result to solve incontinence on the basis of a wide knowledge and experiences of pelvic anatomy including bladder, urethra, vagina, pelvis, perinuem and anus.
The safety is

he top priority in all operations of
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic.

Rebello is a special hospital where have hospital facilities
and eight floors of building, and anesthesiologist is working together.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic performs the safe operations in a 'plastic surgery clinic' where has building for only gynecology regarding female figuration, anesthesiologist is working together and ambulances are prepared for 24 hours. It is quite different with general gynecology where is in prevalent store building. In the hospital having the accredited eight floors of building and facilities, four floors are for outpatient clinic, medical checking up, operation and hospitalization. We monitor the all operations in real time and try to maintain the asepsis operating room for 24 hours.
In Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic,

Professional nurse attends a patient for 24 hours.

Reliable patient care system through an exclusive
call system for patient safety!.
Professional nurse for operation helps recovery attendingly from a patient come in the operating room to complete her recovery. Patient does not need to agonize about bleeding even at night. We take a prompt measure for all situations such as pain, bleeding and swelling during recovery process through an 'exclusive call system for 24 hours'.
How long does it take to procedure of Laser Vaginoplasty and recovery?
Procedure Time
It does take to one to three hours depending on patient condition and multi-procedure.
Recovery Period after the procedure
Right after the procedure - It is able to normal activity after some rest.
After 3 days - It is able to simple shower.
After 4 weeks - It is able to use of swimming pool or sauna after primary recovery.
After 6 weeks - It is able to normal intercourse after recovered more beautiful body.
In cause of singular procedure, recovery period is same as above. It may be takes more times, if patient combines other procedure.
Precautions Before & After the Procedure

- Do not drinking and smoking for rapid recovery.
- Do not spray water into the perineal region.
- Avoid stimulation on part of procedure until date to visit hospital.
- Take cold pack on the part of procedure to reduce the swelling for three days from next day of surgery.
- Take a hip bath for rapid recovery after three days from surgery.
- Take a prescription drug on time.

Lifestyle being helpful for rapid recovery
Hip Bath (after three days from the surgery)
  • 01. Blend 5ml Gyno-Betadine with tepid water to immerse hip after shower.
  • 02. Take a hip bath for five to ten minutes and wash hip with clear water and then dry off.
  • 03. Reduce the time of hip bath in half and blend a half Gyno-Betadine with water, if your hip is stimulated.
Vaginal Cone Exercise

Rebello introduces the Vaginal Cone Exercise that is good for recovery of female pelvis and vaginal exercise. This is 'self pelvis massage exercise' that massages the vaginal wall and pelvis through insertion of vaginal cone which is made of hard silicon into vaginal inside and exercise to tighten vagina softly.

It is different with Kegel Exercise that applies a strain to empty vaginal inside in terms of exercise effect. It is principle to massage the vaginal wall and pelvis contacted to cone by beclasping the hard cone in vaginal inside while vagina is tightened with tightened anus.

It is very effective at reproducing the peripheral nerves of vaginal mucous layer and recovering wound after vaginoplasty, and vaginal tightening motility is improved from effect of pelvic massage. It also prevents progress of urinary incontinence, and is helpful for anti-aging of vagina and pelvis through elastic pelvic muscle by exercising continuous Vaginal Cone Exercise even in daily life. If you visit the Rebello, you will watch an amazing image of Vaginal Cone Exercise.

Kegel Excercise
  • 01. Sit down with your legs apart and hold urine during micturating. Though it is difficult at first, you can sense the pubis and coccygeal muscle through training. Just contact a PC muscle while you breathe in when hold urine.
  • 02. Urinate again while you breathe out.
  • 03. Repeat No. 1 and 2 several times until you finish to urinating.
  • 04. Try to PC muscular contraction training for 5 to 10 times, before you get out of bed since the early training.
  • 05. If you try to this training for 5 to 6 times a day during 6 to 8 weeks, vagina shape is changed and PC muscle is contracted so that you will have greater sexual sensation.
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