Laser Sculpture Labioplasty

What is the Laser Sculpture Labioplasty ?
Please be reborn as a beautiful woman with Rebell's labia minora figuration!
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty is a surgery to realign flabby and transformed labia minora due to aging, without leaving any scars. It realigns flabby labia minora as well as thickness and color, also calibrates folds of clitoris foreskin, labia majora and perineal region.
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty by Rebello's medical team
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty does not leave surgery mark using laser not surgery of integrity and suture. Our medical team has many surgery experiences of Laser Sculpture Labioplasty internationally for 10 years. Excellent effect of surgery for pink color calibration and realigned labia minora without any scar.
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty is recommended for following cases
If the labia minora sticks out even when one closes her legs, due to flabbiness in one or both labia minora.
If one suffers from flabby labia minora, when wearing tight blue jeans.
If one suffers from tumid labia minora during seating or walking.
If flabby labia minora is rolled during intercourse.
If one is daunted during intercourse due to blackened and tumid labia minora.
If one does not date with men due to fear of her modified labia minora.
If one has chronic vaginitis that pudenda is wet by secretion and itchiness recurs.
If labia minora is feels tumid during shower.
If one is afraid of misunderstanding from her partner that she has had a number of sexual relations before marrying due to transformed labia minora.
If one wants to recover confidence of beautiful pudenda.
If flabby labia minora and clitoris foreskin cover clitoris.
Reason for labia minora deformation
In the majority of cases, labia minora is abnormally grown during rapid development of secondary sexual characteristics.
It becomes more transformed due to frigging or intercourse.
Sometimes it is transformed by habits such as wearing tight pants or sitting with legs crossed.
There are else multiple reasons.
Effects of Laser Sculpture Labioplasty
Restores confidence during sexual relationships.
Treats the severe complex.
Heals the symptom of depression.
Solves discomfort from clothes wearing.
Surgery Course of Laser Sculpture Labioplasty
Surgery Steps of Laser Sculpture Labioplasty
Decides the operation range through a three-dimensional design after image diagnosis.
Shoots the laser to realign a length of asymmetrical flabby labia minora
Shoots the laser to realign thickness of thickened labia minora.
Shoots the laser to realign blacken skin to pink color
Shoots the laser to realign thickened fold of clitoris foreskin.
Shoots the laser to realign the transformed labia majora, perineal region, urethra and vagina entrance.
Satisfys the surgery result through radical management after surgery.
Advantages of Laser Sculpture Labioplasty
It does not require the taking out of stitches after surgery.
There is no sewing mark.
There is no neural damage from inside scars produced by sewing of melting thread.
It is capable of delicate length calibration, to within 1 mm.
Reduces thickness of thickened site.
Realigns blacken skin to pink color.
Realigns the transformed clitoris foreskin at once.
Realigns the transformed surrounding labia minora such as labia majora and perineal region.
Makes sleek shape of labia minora through reoperation.
Realigns labia minora with topical anesthesia.
Meaning of labia minora for women

Just as individual features are different, labia minora has various shapes, but standard feature of beautiful shape is medically defined. balanced labia minora is expectable considering individual pelvic shape and thickness of fat, so that labia minora having light skin color, thin and 5mm length is attractive.

Laser Sculpture Labioplasty is performed without bleeding using 'miracle light' the laser and does not leave sewing mark, so that it does not influence sexual sensation or leave any scar so an unmarried woman can have an operation before getting married.

This surgery is considered by unmarried or remarried woman for wedding night. Oral sex is universalized, and it has as important a meaning as a beautiful face. Also there are many housewives who realign the labia minora transformed by incised perineum. Even a person of seventy years old had an operation to realign flabby labia minora that she felt shameful of as one of preparation to finish her life, hence beauty of labia minora is the final confidence for woman.

What made our medical team to be selected
as one of 100 world medical experts?
Selected one among 100 World Medical Expert of
the Cambridge Int'l Biographical Center from UK IBC.
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty of
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic invented an independent surgery method to making thin and sleek labia minora without scar, so that gives a miracle effect of surgery.
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty of Rebello is

Performed by the laser during surgery procedure.

Veritable Laser surgery unlike the existing one

Rebello's Labioplasty uses the laser to realign length of asymmetrical flabby labia minora after three-dimensional design. And then laser procedure is performed to realign thickness of flabby labia minora, and shoots the laser to calibrate blacken color to pink. After calibration of labia minora, laser procedure is performed to realign fold of clitoris foreskin, and fold and transformation of perineal region with labia majora. According to condition, transformed urethra and vaginal entrance are realigned.
This is a Rebello's laser surgery unlike other hospitals where incise and sew up labia minora scarcely using laser.

Laser Sculpture Labioplasty of Rebello Clinic

There is not procedure to incising and sewing.

Safe and non-scar Laser Sculpture Labioplasty, if you consider one after surgery!

If labia minora is incised, it should be sewed up due to hematocele. When incised labia minora is stitched up with melting thread, 'scar' is produced on stitched site. This scar brings damage of micro-nerves of labia minora, so that it might leads to result that sexual sensation hebetates. Now Rebello presents the upgraded laser surgery that does not sew up.

Seeing is believing!

Consider everything carefully before you decide!

No reoperation! Precious own body! Decide to an excellent Labioplasty clinic
It is necessary to examine the various cases in Before & After portfolio for Labioplasty. Verification and Confidence are first to surgery implemented by a doctor. There many patients who suffers from sewed scar after surgery in other hospitals, and inquire reoperation to Rebello, because they had surgery in unprofessional hospitals.
Do you think shriveled labia minora is sleekened by incising and sewing? Though Labioplasty needs to advanced know-how and experience, doctors or patients do not consider it, so that many patients have reoperation. Please takes notice that there are a lot of other hospitals where pirate the pictures of before & after cases from a book ' Vulvogaginoplasty' written by a doctor Mo, Hyung - Jin.
Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic's

Keeps the peripheral nerves of
labia minora and sexual sensation.

Important know-how of laser surgery that does not leave inside scar after surgery
If realigns blacken and flabby skin of labia minora, there is not any damage in tissue inside of labia minora by shooting the laser only to transformed site. Just like good drug can be like a poison due to improper use, know-how for right use of laser and proper understanding is important. Various experiences of Mo, Hyung - Jin who is good at use of laser and applies the laser to Vulvogaginoplasty, was internationally recognized. If one has a surgery by method that incises inside of labia minora according to existing side-sever surgery or wedge-sever surgery and sew up it with thread, 'inside scar' might be produced. Laser Sculpture Labioplasty that does not damage the peripheral nerves of labia minora inside and sexual senstaion, is provided only in Rebello.
Laser Sculpture Labioplasty of Rebello Vulvovaginoplasty Clinic is

Safely performed with topical anesthesia.

Comfortable surgery and prompt discharge from hospital with
both Block and Topical Anesthesia.
Safe surgery is performed with both Block and Topical Anesthesia by shortened surgery time by skillful laser surgery, and reduced pain, swelling or bleeding after surgery. We are trying to effort such as cold pack, hip bath and ointment after surgery to satisfy a patient without scar, swelling, bleeding, pain and infection.

Steps of Labioplasty

History of Labioplasty

First Generation
Suture Method after simple incision

As a method to incise the flabby labia minora with operating scissors and suture it by thread and then to remove seam, it is a surgery to only reducing the size of labia minora not realigning thick or color including severe surgical scars. Many patients suffered from reduced sexual sensation by changed shape and neural damage from surgical scars, and there are still a lot of inquiries of revision surgery after they had operation from other hospitals.

Second Generation
Suture & Incision Method after design

As a method to incise and suture flabby labia minora as well as modified folds on foreskin of clitoris or labia majora after design, it has demerits that are deformation by sutured scar or neural damage, and has the limits to align the thick or color, though it was developed to calibrate the size of labia minora with 'lateral-amputating surgery', 'wedge-amputating surgery' and 'skin scraping method'. This is a way that the most elementary doctors for female figuration are using.

Third Generation
Incision Method after Design Laser Suture

Surgery was developed to make no any mark by implementing the delicate inside suture of pudenda, and to realign the color using later at last step. However, it is also incomplete method, because of there are deformation or neural damage by inside scar, and most doctors have no sufficient experiences for skillful surgery.

Unfortunately many hospitals have no professional techniques due to lack of systematic training system for 'Medical Application of Laser', but only classification of hospitals in Korea.

Fourth Generation
Veritable Laser Figuration without incision

As an advanced surgery method that was upgraded the new medical technique which a doctor Mo, Hyung - Jin announced at Rebello Female Academy in 2004, it is the 'Laser Labioplasty' to realign flabby labia minora as well as thick, color and each fold form using the laser without suturing or scar.

It is available to laser surgery for flabby lamia minora, foreskin of clitoris, labia majora, perineal region, urethra and vaginal entrance without scar or neural damage.

How long does it take to procedure of Laser Vaginoplasty and recovery?
Procedure Time
It does take to one to three hours depending on patient condition and multi-procedure.
Recovery Period after the procedure
Right after the procedure - It is able to normal activity after some rest.
After 3 days - It is able to simple shower.
After 4 weeks - It is able to use of swimming pool or sauna after primary recovery.
After 6 weeks - It is able to normal intercourse after recovered more beautiful body.
In cause of singular procedure, recovery period is same as above. It may be takes more times, if patient combines other procedure.
Precautions Before & After the Procedure

- Do not drinking and smoking for rapid recovery.
- Do not spray water into the perineal region.
- Avoid stimulation on part of procedure until date to visit hospital.
- Take cold pack on the part of procedure to reduce the swelling for three days from next day of surgery.
- Take a hip bath for rapid recovery after three days from surgery.
- Take a prescription drug on time.

Lifestyle being helpful for rapid recovery
Hip Bath (after three days from the surgery)
  • 01. Blend 5ml Gyno-Betadine with tepid water to immerse hip after shower.
  • 02. Take a hip bath for five to ten minutes and wash hip with clear water and then dry off.
  • 03. Reduce the time of hip bath in half and blend a half Gyno-Betadine with water, if your hip is stimulated.
Vaginal Cone Exercise

Rebello introduces the Vaginal Cone Exercise that is good for recovery of female pelvis and vaginal exercise. This is 'self pelvis massage exercise' that massages the vaginal wall and pelvis through insertion of vaginal cone which is made of hard silicon into vaginal inside and exercise to tighten vagina softly.

It is different with Kegel Exercise that applies a strain to empty vaginal inside in terms of exercise effect. It is principle to massage the vaginal wall and pelvis contacted to cone by beclasping the hard cone in vaginal inside while vagina is tightened with tightened anus.

It is very effective at reproducing the peripheral nerves of vaginal mucous layer and recovering wound after vaginoplasty, and vaginal tightening motility is improved from effect of pelvic massage. It also prevents progress of urinary incontinence, and is helpful for anti-aging of vagina and pelvis through elastic pelvic muscle by exercising continuous Vaginal Cone Exercise even in daily life. If you visit the Rebello, you will watch an amazing image of Vaginal Cone Exercise.

Kegel Excercise
  • 01. Sit down with your legs apart and hold urine during micturating. Though it is difficult at first, you can sense the pubis and coccygeal muscle through training. Just contact a PC muscle while you breathe in when hold urine.
  • 02. Urinate again while you breathe out.
  • 03. Repeat No. 1 and 2 several times until you finish to urinating.
  • 04. Try to PC muscular contraction training for 5 to 10 times, before you get out of bed since the early training.
  • 05. If you try to this training for 5 to 6 times a day during 6 to 8 weeks, vagina shape is changed and PC muscle is contracted so that you will have greater sexual sensation.
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